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Indicator MT4

Welcome to IMT Trend Professional Forex "Indicator MT4"where predicting the Strongest and Weakest
currencies to trade has never been so easy.

Indicator MT4

  • Ask yourself one question!


  • Given the choice would you trade your normal forex currency pair even
    if both currencies were performing strongly!

    Or would you opt to trade the strongest and the weakest forex pairs
    dramatically improving your trading success ?


  • Most other forex currency strength systems identify the strength at that specific time,
    telling you that the currency is strong or weak means very little at that precise moment as you dont know
    if the currency is trending or retracing.
    You need to see the bigger picture over a larger time frame!
    This is where our system excels. Using our powerful forex metatrader indicator mt4 placed on 4hr time frame
    charts, its easy to identify the strongest and weakest forex currencies and get the big picture you need to
    trade the forex markets successfully.
    Once the currencies have been determined we narrow down the exact pairs to
    trade using our metatrader indicator mt4 placed on a 4h and daily time frame for the pair.